What is Mudra Network?

Mudra Network is a decentralized, blockchain-based protocol that aggregates liquidity and enables the exchange of tokens without an intermediary. Mudra Network can be integrated into decentralized applications (dApps), crypto wallets, and decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms.

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— What solutions does Mudura Network offer?

Mudra Network is primarily the product of a decentralized world. Security and trust is the biggest solution we offer to people.



Low Fee

— Mudra Token Features

Mudra token is one of the gems of this ecosystem.

Token Burn

Growth Fund

High level of security and protection


Road Map

We will improve our project day by day. We are here to produce the best solutions for you.

  • 2022PHASE1

    • Build and launch website
    • Set up community infrastructure
    • Audits and KYC verification
    • Develop marketing materials
  • 2022PHASE2

    • Take learnings from Phase 1, hone in on best-performing messaging, and scale paid ad spend
    • Conduct giveaways with other Telegram communities
    • Scheduled AMAs on Telegram
    • Build initial NFT artwork
    • Confirm artist
    • Create sample artwork
    • Create educational content
    • Create instructional content on how to buy mudra
  • 2022PHASE3

    • Presale of MUDRA
    • KYC-verified
    • Official Launch of mudra
    • MUDRA token launch on PancakeSwap
    • Listings on major platforms
    • CoinGecko listing
    • CoinMarketCap listing
    • Continue to market
  • 2023PHASE4

    • Development of MUDRA DEX.
    • Development of MUDRA web app
    • Release of MUDRA platform
    • Kola
    • Beta Release of initial MUDRA web app
  • 2023PHASE5

    • Launch MUDRA web app version 1.0
    • Development of MUDRA mobile app
    • Beta Release of MUDRA mobile app
    • Launch MUDRA mobile app version 1.0
    • Monitor release and continue to make improvements

Don't be afraid of technology, improve it

We are constantly investing in technology to keep our team and environment dynamic. We are developing our ecosystem.

Dapp Solutions
Planned Growth
High Level of Security
Current Infrastructure

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